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40 and 48 Hour Fasts? Seriously?

January 28, 2024 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
Fit, Healthy, Happy
40 and 48 Hour Fasts? Seriously?
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I've got a tale that you might find compelling—especially if you're into exploring the untapped potential of your own body and mind.

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 40 and 48 Hour Fasts? Seriously?

Our Fasting Journey

I've got a tale that you might find compelling—especially if you're into exploring the untapped potential of your own body and mind.

You journey beyond your comfort zone, only to find a treasure trove of benefits you never expected. That's exactly what happened to Peggy and me when we embarked on a 40+hour fast, a leap from our usual 16/8 intermittent fasting rhythm. Yep, from 5:30 pm on a hopeful Tuesday to a bright and early 9:30 am Thursday for Dave and 6:30 pm for Peggy, we committed to this fasting odyssey.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. "Guys, 40 or more hours without a snack, a meal, or even a nibble? Are you gluttons for punishment?" 

Interestingly, while our stomachs expected to belt out the hanger blues, hunger took a backseat after the initial 15 hours. Mental cravings? Sure, they popped up, but surprise, surprise—the physiological urge to eat must've been on a fast of its own because it was nowhere in sight.

So, let's talk results. All that bloating and fullness you feel after a heavy meal? Vanished, like tension during a StretchPro session. 

My blood sugar readings took a graceful dip under 90, which in any score is an A+. 

And weight? Some of that waved goodbye as well for both ouf us. 

And let me tell you, crossing the finish line felt like an energising mix of triumph and, well, wanting to keep this feel-good train chugging along.

Our 'breaking of the fast' was simple: a celebratory serving of eggs for Dave and a low-carb tortilla with cheese for Peggy, the perfect segue back into our low-carb lifestyles. 

And guess what? Those pesky cravings for the not-so-great stuff seemed to have taken an extended break as well.

Inspired by our own journey and the enlightening work of Dr. Jason Fung, a veritable fasting guru, we discovered the multitude of benefits of a 36+hour fast. Check this out:

1. Metabolic Reset: Like rebooting your computer, a longer fast can help to reset your insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels.

2. Digestive Ease: Give your gut a break! Temporarily saying no to food means less bloating and overall discomfort.

3. Weight Loss Journey: When your body switches to fat burning mode, you might just say goodbye to some of those stubborn pounds.

4. Mental Clarity: Without the fog of digestion, many report feeling more alert and focused. Who doesn't want a sharper mind?

5. Curb Cravings: Reducing your feeding window can help tame the beast of unhealthy cravings, making it easier to stick to your eating plan

Impressed? We certainly were. So much so that Peggy and I are strapping on the ol' fasting boots to make this a weekly ritual for the foreseeable future.

Here's the thing—whether you're a committed carnivore like me or swimming in the fish-and-veggie pool like Peggy, a 36+hour fast might just be the missing piece in your journey to an age-defying, spry existence.

So why not try it out? Think about it. Challenging? Perhaps. Rewarding? Immensely. And hey, if you're not quite ready to take the 36+hour plunge, start with StretchPro's practices to flex your discipline muscle.

Dive deeper into your potential at,, and 

Discover the path that resonates with your rhythm and remember: no matter what your journey entails...

Move Well, Stay Healthy, Be Happy, Live Every Single Day With Passion and Purpose.