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The Unstoppable Journey of River Zen: Passion, Growth, and Resilience

June 01, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
Ageless Vitality - Move Well, Stay Healthy
The Unstoppable Journey of River Zen: Passion, Growth, and Resilience
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Can you believe it's been 11 years since our humble beginnings in Astoria, Oregon? 

Time truly flies when you're having fun, and today we're excited to share the incredible journey of River Zen with you. We started our first fitness studio out of sheer frustration, not being able to find a yoga studio where we could apply StretchPro resistance stretching to yoga poses. 

Join us as we reminisce about running stretch classes six days a week, the evolution of RiversZen, and how we adapted in the face of COVID-19.

We're incredibly grateful for the amazing community that has supported us throughout the years, and we wouldn't be here without them. In this special anniversary episode, we discuss our unwavering passion for helping people age better and thrive, alongside the growth and transformation RiversZen has experienced. 

So, join us in celebrating 11 fantastic years of moving well, staying healthy, and being happy together. Here's to many more years of thriving with Riverszen!

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11 years to go today we opened our first fitness studio in Astoria, Oregon. I ran a 6 am stretch class and Peggy ran a 9 am stretch class, and we did that six days a week. For well... it's been 11 years now, we're still doing it six days a week. Why? because we love it. 

It was an interesting start for RiversZen. I think that you might like hearing this. 

We actually opened RiversZen out of a frustration of not being able to find a yoga studio where we could apply our StretchPro resistance stretching to yoga poses so that we could keep moving well. 

About five years before, we discovered stretchpro-resistance stretching and we discovered that applying those stretches, that resistance to yoga poses, actually can keep us active and fit, and in a group, in a synergistic group. 

Well, we couldn't find any. I mean, we every class, every studio in town. There were only a couple, and they all constantly canceled. They took a lot of time off and were very, very, very expensive. 

And so we decided one day we were looking for a place in town to sell our alpaca yarn, so we're gonna open up a little studio, and we looked at a space that was perfect for that, but right next door to it was this beautiful space and we looked each other said, oh my god, let's open a studio. 

We weren't even sure what we're gonna do at the time. We just decided we were going to open up a studio and try to get yoga teachers to come in so that we would have fitness classes. Well, we didn't find a lot. We found a couple and we decided we would teach too. 

I'd been taking yoga and doing yoga for years and in a class in San Diego, and so I just adapted that class to my own use and we opened up. And there we were. 

And here we are 11 years later still doing it. It's one of those serendipitous things where the studio just grew and more teachers came in and it's morphed over the years. 

We're now... because COVID happened and we just changed our business model, and now it's Peggy, myself and Kim that the teach our classes and we're just loving life. 

We moved... a lot of our business moved online now.

So I just wanted to celebrate today, June 1st, being exactly 11 years ago, that we ran our first classes at Rivers Zen. 

We're so appreciative of all of you. We're so appreciative of the support you give us. We love every one of you and we're looking forward to many, many more years so that we all can age better and thrive as we get older. 

So till I talk to you next time, move well, stay healthy, be happy and thank you for all of your support.