Ageless Vitality - Move Well, Stay Healthy

Confronting Excuses and Committing to a Healthy Lifestyle

May 29, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
Ageless Vitality - Move Well, Stay Healthy
Confronting Excuses and Committing to a Healthy Lifestyle
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Why do we often sabotage our own progress when it comes to living a healthy and fit life? Discover the truth about the excuses we make and why it's time to stop indulging in unhealthy habits. In this episode of Rivers Zen, I, Dave, step into the role of the "bad cop" to help you realize the importance of making healthier choices and staying committed to your fitness journey.

Tune in and let's work together to feel fit, healthy, and happy. Remember, it's not about coddling ourselves, but rather holding ourselves accountable for our actions and striving for a life full of energy and passion.

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I hereby volunteer to be the Rivers Zen Bad Cop. Why would I do that? Because I truly believe you need to hear the truth. For all the time we've been doing Rivers Zen, we encourage people to eat healthy and to work out on a regular basis, to do a class a minimum of five days a week, but people aren't always willing to do that. We want you to succeed. We've always had the philosophy that if we tell people when they come to us and go gee, i'm sorry, i missed the workouts this week. Gee, i'm sorry, i didn't eat well this week, we say it's okay, forgive yourself and get right back on it. 

Forgiving yourself is fine, but people tend to take these excuses and they become crutches. They become the excuse to not do what's necessary to be fit, healthy, live a long, happy and energetic life. Doesn't that sound wonderful? For years, even though I was on low carb, even though I cured my diabetes, even though I lost the weight I needed to lose, even though I basically am fit and healthy at 68 years old, i allowed myself the same excuses, and those excuses kept me in disease. I still would come to situations where I didn't feel well. I was sluggish, my blood sugar was too high, because I allowed myself these little variations without any conscious thought, because I knew it was okay, i'd get up tomorrow morning and I'd start all over. Why start all over? Why don't you live a long, healthy, fit life and realize those indulgences, realizing that skipping your 20 to 45 minute workout is potentially going to shorten your life, is potentially going to make you move poorly and not move with ease, is going to make you tired and sluggish and make you want to sleep? Why would you do that to yourself? 

I have a question I'd actually like people to think about and answer for me. Why do we allow that? Why is the reward of eating well, being fit, healthy and happy not enough? Why do we go to emotional eating? Why do we celebrate holidays by making ourselves sick, eating foods we would never touch the rest of the year, drinking to excess? Why do we do that? I don't really have an answer. All I know is I am done. I'm going to be a bad cop. I'm no longer going to tell you it's okay. I might even say gosh. I bet you wish you hadn't done that. Or maybe even a question By skipping your workout, did you really get that extra time to do the things you wanted to do? Or was it just an excuse because you didn't want to put the effort in? 

There can be many, many reasons to not do a workout or to eat poorly. I Don't think any of them are valid. If you tell me you can't carve out 20 to 45 minutes a day To feel and move better, i'm gonna throw the Football red flag on that. That's a penalty. If you tell me that it was okay that you had Had five beers yesterday, even though you know beer is really bad for you, am I gonna say, oh, that's okay? No, i'm not. I'm gonna ask you to think about why you did that. Why was that beer more important than waking up tomorrow morning and feeling amazing? 

Many of us eat for emotional reasons and I guarantee you it's only a temporary fix and Being a couch potato Quick way to an early grave. I'm Dave. I'm your new bad cop. I am here to hold you to task. Have you questioned your actions? Why you did that? not that it's okay. 

You still, if you do, want to get right back on, but let's just not go off in the first place. Let's feel fit, healthy, happy, take big, deep breaths and feel that breath move all the way down to your belly, move with ease, get up out of bed in the morning and feel amazing. I want that for you. That's why I choose not to coddle you. I Choose to tell you the truth and I choose To be the bad guy. 

If you need help figuring out What it is you need to do, i'd be more  than happy to help you. Kim Pegg would be more then happy to help you. I'm gonna start a group within RiversZen. I don't know what it's going to be called or even what's going to look like. It's for people that are committed, truly Committed, to drawing a line in the sand and never crossing that line, to come to Thanksgiving Day and Not be looking forward to the massive amounts of food and the indulgence that I know will make most of you feel Terrible. That's it. We're gonna get that group going. I don't know how it's going to be, but it's going to be a support group. A support group for those of us who will not alter from our paths, who remind ourselves every morning of how grateful we are and remind ourselves every day of why we eat the way we eat and Why we move every day. 

May you move well, stay healthy, be happy, live a life full of energy and passion. Talk to you next time.