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Putting Ourselves First: Balancing Self-Care in a Hectic Life

May 27, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
Ageless Vitality - Move Well, Stay Healthy
Putting Ourselves First: Balancing Self-Care in a Hectic Life
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Have you ever found yourself rushing from one appointment to the next, only to realize you've forgotten to schedule in some much-needed self-care? Join me as I share my own struggles with balancing a hectic life and explore ways to make ourselves a priority.

In this candid conversation, we discuss the importance of setting alarms, writing appointments in your calendar, and showing up for yourself no matter what. Remember, you are just as important as your loved ones, and taking care of yourself is essential for being able to care for others. Tune in and let's start putting ourselves first and giving ourselves the care and attention we deserve.

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Speaker 1: I have to take my dogs to the groomers. I have an appointment at three with the vet. At four I have to take my kids to soccer. At six I need to Okay. Okay, you get the point. 

Speaker 1: Everyone is busy And we have all these times to remember, but why can't we remember to make time for ourselves? Why can't we remember that class is at 5.30 and I need to be there? 

Because you're not making yourself a priority. 

You are just important as your animals, or your spouse, or your friends or your children. 

You are important. 

You need to make time for yourself. Set an alarm if you need to Show up to class five minutes late. If that's what it takes, you at least showed up. 

You made time for yourself. Make yourself a priority because you are important. 

If you aren't in good health, you can't help all these other people. 

You can't take care of them, because you yourself are going to be taken care of. 

So set that alarm if you need to Write it in your calendar. Make the appointment, whatever. 

You need to remember Because you can remember all that other stuff. You are important. It's time to start showing it.