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Emotional Eating... Just Stop It!

March 16, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
Real People Fit
Emotional Eating... Just Stop It!
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Are you one of us who run to the fridge every time something upsets you? If that's you... you should probably listen to this message.

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Hey you... emotional eater. Just stop it. 

No I don't mean use your willpower to not eat emotionally. 

Many of us have this issue where to take care of issues, such as stress, anxiety, maybe a childhood trauma, maybe our current trauma we tend to reach for food. 

Willpower is one way to deal with this issue. 

I would recommend this... try just stopping. 

Next time you're heading into the refrigerator and you're ready to grab that treat. You're ready to grab that snack. 


Take three deep breaths. 

Big breath and long, slow exhale. 

And then stop and open the fridge. See if the emotional charge is still as much, is still as heavy, as still as deep. If you still want that?

I think if you do what we need to do is deal with the issue. Are you going there because you're stressed? Did something happened? 

Are you going there because you've got the self-worth issue. Where you just don't think you're enough. And maybe to make yourself feel better, you go and grab food. And that creates that descending spiral. 

Where you're constantly berating yourself for overeating.... and for eating emotionally... because you know, that's what you're doing. You're not really hungry. You're looking for a treat to soothe your emotions. 

I think what we need to do is identify those issues. 

I'm going to recommend in this case a, tapping meditation. You can tap. And you can tap on issues even if the tapping is questioning, you're tapping on the side of your hand and maybe you're questioning... what is it that's got me so upset?

Sometimes I find when I'm going through a tapping session, sometimes I don't really know what's wrong. If I just tap and I listen... you've got this inner voice. Your body is intelligent. 

And just by listening to it, just by tapping on these Meridian points and being open to receiving answers, you got to find out what it is. And maybe somebody looked at you sideways when you were 14 years old, you were devastated. You were demolished. 

Well, then we need to tap on that. We tap on that and release that emotional charge with that. 

And by the time you're done with your tapping, guess what? You probably don't want that treat anymore. 

So next time you want to emotionally eat... stop... at least through the first three breaths, the deep three breaths. And then if that doesn't work, tap a little bit. Just tap and question, why do I want this food? 

Gosh, I hope it works for you. It's an issue I've struggled with my entire life. And I've only recently in the last few years gotten a pretty good handle on it. Do I slip occasionally? Yeah. Don't we all, whatever we're doing. But yeah, just try and stop. Next time you head to the fridge. 

My desire for you is that you move well, stay healthy, be happy live every single day of your life with passion by finding a purpose. 

Talk to you tomorrow