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A Little Different Meditation Technique

March 09, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
RiversZen Podcast
A Little Different Meditation Technique
Show Notes Transcript

A technique I've discovered recently.  It might make meditation a little easier for you.

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I'm sitting here waiting for it to begin, uh, my Saturday morning class, and I decided I'd jump on here and create a quick little podcast because they don't know it yet, but this morning we're gonna do a meditative practice, a meditative restorative practice. 

Meditation has so many amazing benefits. I'm not gonna list them here, but for stress reduction, really seeing all those stress hormones like cortisol, it's amazing. When you get rid of those your health returns. 

You can get rid of so many chronic conditions, so many conditions just by reducing your stress. 

I'm gonna suggest something. This is a... kind of a new meditation technique that I've learned recently.

It's a conscious stream of thought meditation. And rather than fighting those thoughts, try this sometime. Put on some nice soft music, like what I have playing in the background here. And then just takes some nice, long, slow, deep breaths. And rather than fighting those thoughts, embrace them. Watch them, observe them.

And see what that does. See at the end of 15 minutes, maybe not only are you more relaxed, you have less stress? But at the end of the 15 minutes you might find you've come up with some solutions. 

It's something to try. 

There's different techniques for each person because we're all different. We're all wired differently. We all have different upbringing, we all have different education, we all have different training. 

So give it a try. Give that a, try a stream of consciousness, meditation. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I actually have found it quite refreshing. I do both. I do breath meditation where I focus on my breath and I've started doing a conscious stream, a stream of consciousness meditation and find that just to be so amazing.

One thing I will warn you, just one last thing. If there's negative thoughts... those do brush off. Just say no, not now. I'll deal with you later. Because we don't want that negativity. We want to work on positive things. Maybe you're thinking about something upcoming. Maybe you're thinking about a project you need to complete.

Don't go crazy with it, but just observe it. Just think about it, and let your mind flow where it will. 

Okay, gang, I just wanted to share this with you. Hopefully is something you can use and, uh, that's it. Move well, stay healthy, be happy live today passionate and with a purpose. Talk to you soon.