Fit, Healthy, Happy

Reporting a Success

March 06, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
Fit, Healthy, Happy
Reporting a Success
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I love sharing things that work. Here are the results from a morning technique I discussed a few weeks ago..

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I love to share successes with you. And I'm always testing things myself, as many of you know, for about five weeks now, I've been experimenting with a morning routine. Takes me about 20, 25 minutes where first thing I do is I do 40 huge breaths in and then hold my breath as long as I can. I do that four times.

It's a breathing exercise. It's actually created by Whim Hof, W I M H O F F, if you wanna look him up.

And then I follow that with a 20 to 30 minute meditation, just a quiet meditation, softly releasing thoughts, relaxing. Kind of preparing for my morning, and then the final thing I do is take a three to five minute cold shower.

That's at the end of my hot shower, but I take a three to five minute cold shower. 

Well, it's been about five weeks and I thought it was going really well, but this morning I had something happen, that absolutely blew me away. 

I cleaned up my eating a little bit yesterday. I've been eating a couple things that I probably shouldn't have been, and my blood sugar was a little bit higher than I liked it.

So what I did was I cleaned up my eating yesterday. Well, I got up out of bed this morning and I actually felt dizzy, exhausted, lethargic, eyes were glazing over and I came very close to canceling my classes this morning. 

But I told myself, you know what, let's go ahead and do this breathing. Let's go ahead and, and do the meditation. Let's go ahead and do the shower and go ahead and take four minute cold shower at the end of my warm shower. 

I was amazed. I did it. I got outta that shower and all of a sudden the spinning head had gone away. The lightheadedness us had gone away. The, uh, the lethargy had gone away. I was powered as the people are in my classes on, uh, Thursday, March 2nd.

I was energized, I was powered up. I was ready to go. In fact, I had to back off a little bit in the second class cuz I think I was pushing a little bit too much for some of the people. 

So that's my message is find something that'll work for you and give it a fair test and show up every day. 

There's been at least half a dozen days in the past five weeks that I said I don't want to do this. I just don't want to do it. 

Well, I've gotten a point now where I just breathe and say, okay, you can do it. You wanna do it... go ahead and keep trying it. Keep testing it. 

I'll tell you what, after today... I would've canceled classes two to three months ago. If you come to my class about two, three times a year, I'll just out of nowhere cancel a class. And that's when I get up feeling that way. 

Obviously now I have a tool that's gonna help me get my energy back no matter how kerfuffled I am, no matter how bad of a night's sleep I've had. I have a tool that works for me. 

Please go into the members area. If you're a member of RiversZen Real and research the things in there. Find things that work for you. Pay attention in classes. Find the tips, find the techniques. Scroll back through the past 500 episodes of the, of the Real People Fit podcast. There's tons of stuff in there, and I know some of it will work for you. 

Test these things out. I'd really highly recommend this one... boy for 20, a 20 minute investment every morning... I have cut out a lot of my naps. I've got energy throughout the day, I feel like recording podcasts like this, I don't, I don't fall out as easy. I don't break down as easy. I found something that I think is taking me to the next level.

And you know, there's one other thing. One thing is happening. I'm eating less. I'm not craving snacks. I think it's a mindset thing. I think as your mind becomes centered, as you become more stress free, that you stop craving the things that you're doing for emotional reasons. I eat for emotion. I get plenty of food in the two meals I eat today, but I would start the first meal that I eat constantly through the second meal even maybe an hour after that.

That hasn't happened the last two days and it hasn't been a struggle. It's been like, okay, I recognize it. Do my emotions still say, ah, you need to go get some chicarrones or a piece of chocolate or something. Yeah, they do. But you know what, I don't. I don't. 

I told you that I originally... I was in the adrenaline phase of my morning routine. Well, I think five weeks out that adrenaline phase is backed off. I think now I've got some concrete results. I'd highly recommend you give this a try. Just scroll back a few episodes and you'll see my morning routine where you get a little bit deeper explanation of how to do it. If you're a member, go into the members video podcast area and watch the video of it, because I think it's a little more... it's easier to understand in that area. 

That's another reason I always recommend that you join the membership. It's, it's, makes a huge difference when you can go in and watch the videos um, and then additional videos that we put up in the members area, just for body fixes, additional podcast episodes that are in there.

You know what everything you need is in the free audio podcast, OK? 

So that's it. May you move well, stay healthy, be happy, live with passion, and may you find the same kind of successes that I'm finding. Talk to you later.