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Meditation: Everything Happens For My Own Good

March 05, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
Real People Fit
Meditation: Everything Happens For My Own Good
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Guided Meditation: Grab a comfortable seat, take a deep breath, soften your gaze and reflect on today's meditation. Members enjoy the longer video version with captions at


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Welcome to RiversZen's Daily Reflections Providing Thought Provoking Meditations for Self Improvement. Listen quietly to the reflection and then spend at least 3 or 4 minutes in quiet contemplation.

Here is today's reflection:

Everything happens for my own good.

I have faith that life provides me with the experiences I need to grow as a person. I accept this truth and make the best of the situation. I understand that life knows the best way.

Some experiences in life are less enjoyable than others. But all experiences teach me something new. Some of the least enjoyable things that happen in my life provide the most profound lessons. I value these lessons and apply them going forward. This way, I am able to avoid repeating my mistakes.

The universe is wiser than I am. I trust that the everything happens for my own good. I have learned so much from my past challenges that I look forward to managing my future challenges.

I often receive what I want, just in a different manner than I expected. Many of my failures result in greater successes than I ever dreamt of. I feel a gentle hand guiding me in a positive direction.

I avoid feelings of frustration when things fail to work out the way I desire. I know that something even better is right around the corner. I am patient and accept what life has to offer.

Today, I recognize the lessons that life provides me. I look on the bright side of all situations. I know that everything that happens to me happens for my own good.

Self-Reflection Questions:

What are my greatest challenges and what can I learn from them?
What are three situations that seemed negative at the time but worked out for the best?
How have I grown as a person over the last decade?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and see what comes to your mind for the next few minutes while you listen to the splashing waves beneath the studio. Don't fight or judge, just listen. Watch for the nuggets of wisdom that come your way.

Move Well, Stay Healthy, Be Happy, Live Today With Passion

We'll talk to you soon!

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