RiversZen Podcast

A Challenge and an Invitation

March 02, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
RiversZen Podcast
A Challenge and an Invitation
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A challenge to members and an invitation to the rest...

At RiversZen, we believe that every day is an opportunity to redefine aging and embrace growth and vitality. Dive into our comprehensive suite of services for only $7 at RiverZen Offer Page. Witness firsthand the life-changing results experienced by our members, from pain relief to increased happiness and vitality.

An invitation and a challenge to you. We've spent the last 20 years discovering things that work to help us age strong, to be vital and fit and active, and be able to do whatever we want to. Whether we're gonna go play and run with the grandkids, or whether we're going to travel, or whether we wanna just go for walks, whether we get up and down off the floor.

We've learned how to do all of that. We've helped thousands of other people do that. And let me assure you, it can be done no matter what shape you are in now.

What I want to do is invite you to check out the RiversZen Real People Fit on Demand Library. In that library we've put together so many amazing things.

Everything from body fixes to new classes every day, to eft emotional freedom tapping to help us reduce stress. Meditations, affirmations, the list goes on and on and on. There is so much there that it's really hard to believe. 

In fact, I'm willing to bet if you're a member already of RiversZen Real people.fit, you're going to probably not know everything that's in there. You're probably gonna be shocked when you get in. 

So I have put together, at the top of the On-demand page are three new videos. One of the videos is just a short welcome kind of telling you maybe a path you could go to get better results. 

The next one is a video where I talk about the seven keys. This is the seven major categories that we found to help you to move and feel better, to thrive, no matter how old you are, to thrive for life.

The third one is a tutorial, and it's with screenshots, on how to navigate the members area of real people.fit on demand library. So a way for you to go through there. The member portal, I call it the member portal usually, but that it's, it's, it's the on demand library. There's close to a thousand videos in there, and they're all categorized and they're all broken up, and they're all designed to help you to find the easiest way for you to move and feel better every single day.

So I have two things. Number one is a challenge to existing members. I challenge you to go watch those three videos and then the additional videos that are to be coming in that section, it's the very top section. It's called Your Journey to a Fit, healthy, and Happy Life. It's actually got a longer title than that. It's just not coming to my brain right now. 

Long fit, healthy and happy life. I believe that's it. Your journey to long fit, healthy, and happy life. And in these three videos... you kind of in there, I think the longest ones, seven minutes... In these three videos, you're gonna get an idea of the path to follow and then each after that, there's gonna be some other short videos coming up that peggy and I are going to produce, and there are just a little bit more two to five minute in depth of each individual step of the journey... of the keys to having that long fit healthy life. 

It's worked for us. It's worked for thousands of other people, and it can work for you too. So if you have any questions at all, be sure to reach out. Just send an email to info@riverszen.com. R I V E R S Z E N .COM. And we'd be happy to talk to you. We'd be happy to give you direction. 

If you're willing to invest 30 minutes a day, you can change your life. And I say 30 minutes a day. That's kind of something that anybody can come up with. 30 minutes, you really can. I swear to God, just carve out that time in your life. If you need some suggestions, let me know and I can help you. 

The other one is an offer. If you're not a member already and you want to check out our members area, let me know.

I'm gonna give you 30 days free. 30 days free. The on demand, the RiversZen real people fit on demand members area 30 days. So you can go in and explore, have the time of your life, we're gonna give you guidance on that. We're not just gonna throw you the wolves on that and let you get lost. 

So till we talk tomorrow, move well, stay healthy, be happy, live with passion ... talk to you later.