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Brrrrrrrr, Talking Cold Therapy

February 24, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
RiversZen Podcast
Brrrrrrrr, Talking Cold Therapy
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It takes some getting used to but the health benefits are out of this world!

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Brrrrrrrrrr, we're talking cold showers. I have to tell you, in my entire life I never, I never thought I would enjoy cold showers, but I do. I do. I take a nice warm shower. I get all cleaned off, and then I turned that water all the way down. And I take an ice cold shower. It might not be ice cold. It's pretty cold though. I mean, especially right now, I'm filming this in the wintertime... this time of year, it's pretty chilly.

So, I, go ahead. I take that cold shower. My goal is to a minimum of two... two minutes, two to five minutes. 

Now, if you first start, it may not be that easy. You wanna work your way into it. Myself, the first week I did 15 second cold showers, took my warm shower, turned it down, did 15 seconds. I tried to deep breath. I tried not to go hubbbbubbbb. Which is so easy to do, but 15 seconds, second week, 30 seconds, and build up to where you can do two minutes, two minutes a day, 60 degree or less water. You're going to see some amazing benefits. 

The body goes into that sympathetic parasympathetic mode, where it's, where it's doing all kinds of resetting, resetting, um, resetting your immune system, resetting your vascular system, I mean, the blood just flows after that cold shower. 

It's another way to create more health in your life, that won't cost you any money. It just takes a little bit of getting used to, and once you're used to it, I, I haven't gone any further than the cold showers. You can go to ice baths, you can take dips in the water, polar plunges, things like that.

Don't know if I'll ever get there, but right now, the cold showers, the benefits, the studies I've seen, the benefits are so amazing. There is so much health, fitness, longevity associated with lots of deep breaths and cold showers. 

In fact, I talked about in a previous section about about 40 deep breaths in the morning. Four sets of 40 deep breaths combined with breath holds. 

If you combine that with the cold showers, oh, you're gonna see some amazing results. I've brought my blood sugar down. I've increased my lung capacity. I now have a breath hold of over three minutes. Things that I never thought I'd be able to do, and I just feel healthy.

And I'm also, as I'm getting healthy, I'm finding, I'm also finding a peace of mind that maybe I never had. My mind is calming down, the stress is going away. 

I'm gonna make a recommendation. Give it a try. Give it a try. I swear to God, you got nothing to lose except about 20 minutes in the morning and maybe a little bit of shivering in the cold shower.

But your body gets used to that in a very short time. 

That's today's tip. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live as always with passion. Find a purpose... fit, healthy, happy for life. Okay? Talk to you soon.