Real People Fit

That Is What's So Scary About Health

February 23, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
Real People Fit
That Is What's So Scary About Health
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Peaceful, Healthy, Happy... there is something that is so scary about that goal....

You Can Move Well, Stay Healthy and Be Happy at Any Age...

Seriously, Any Age!

We are in our 70s and feel better than we did 30 years ago.

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Peaceful, healthy, happy. How's that sound to you? Is that something you can radiate with? Is that something you recognize in yourself? Are you peaceful, healthy, happy? 

It's available. I truly believe it's available for every one of us. 

How do you do it? Well, you have to become a little mindful. You have to pay attention to what you're doing and, and really think about things.

It is so easy to be addicted to food, to be addicted to drugs, to be addicted to alcohol, but if you really stop and ask yourself, why am I doing this? Why am I craving this? Why am I willing to sacrifice my health for a moment of pleasure? 

Well, maybe it's something, maybe that's a question you need to ask yourself.

It's a question I've asked myself often and I'm still working on the food. It's better, but I still go to food for, for, to make me happy, for momentary gratification. It is momentary cuz when I go on a eating binge and eat some foods that aren't necessarily good for my body. I'm a diabetic, and so anything with sugar, any carbohydrates are really a negative for me.

So I'm learning more and more every day to ask myself, is that where you really want to be? Because if you take like I feel right this minute, I've been eating well for a day or two. I've been breathing deeply. 

I do my morning breaths, I do my cold showers, and right now as I was driving down to the studio today, I realized I feel absolutely amazing. I was filled with such gratitude for feeling this healthy at 69 years old, feeling better than I felt when I was 35 or 40. 

It's out there for you too. I've been through a lot of things. I was on medications. I was, um, basically beating myself up. I was not paying any attention, at all to my health until one day I had to pay attention to my health because I was facing multiple surgeries.

I was taking medications. I'd found that I was a diabetic, and so you have to hit a point where you go, you know what? I don't wanna live that life. I wanna live this life where I feel fit, healthy, where I take a breath and it's a full breath in, and I've got all these other techniques I've found, like floaters in my eyes. The doctors told me there's nothing to do. I've got an acupressure point for that. Look it up. It's in the, it's in the podcast. It's in the members area where that acupressure point is at and how it's worked. And today I have no floaters. 

I have people tell me, little aside, I have people tell me that they just don't believe me.

Well, okay, you don't have to believe me, but I believe me, and it's, it's almost scary the way some of this stuff works. 

Opening up your lungs with meridian points, Qigong, breath movement combining to make your body stronger and healthier. Yoga, there are so many things to give you a wonderful life. 

So, Get off the, get off the 24 7 news cycle of politics also.

Ask yourself all day long, how do I want to feel? 

You reach for that food. 


Take a deep... take three deep breaths in and say, how do I want to feel? Do I want to feel how this food's going to make me feel? How this alcohol's gonna make me feel? How this news show's gonna make me feel? 

Or I do I want to feel like I do... I want to feel like I do right now. 

Breathe deeply. Take cold showers, move daily, 30 to 45 minutes every single day. Some type of movement practice. 

Okay? It's simple. It really is simple. That's what's so scary about health. It is so simple to be healthy. So join me and get healthy.

Move well, stay healthy, be happy.

Live every day with passion. Find a purpose. 

Talk to you next time.