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I Surround Myself With Calmness

January 15, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs Season 2022 Episode 573
RiversZen Podcast
I Surround Myself With Calmness
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Guided Meditation: Grab a comfortable seat, take a deep breath, soften your gaze and reflect on today's meditation.

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RiversZen's Daily Reflection. Providing though provoking guided meditation designed for you. Take a deep breath, listen thoughtfully and then spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation.

Here is Today's Reflection:

I Surround Myself with Calmness

I stay calm in a sea of noise, conflict, and disorder. I surround myself with a calm fortress that is filled with love and peace. I build walls around the negativity and eliminate its impact on my life. 

My mind is quiet and at peace. 

I appreciate the beauty of silence. I am grateful for moments that lack anger or pain. I am relaxed and happy. I use meditation and other practices to calm my mind and spirit. I know which relaxation techniques center my energy. 

I let calmness wash over me like a fresh spring. I use each moment to appreciate relaxation. I take each minute to show gratitude for peace. 

I take deep breaths that calm me. 

I see the harmony that surrounds me. I notice the peaceful gestures in my world. I am thankful for the people who help make my world better. 

My entire body is calm. From my head to my heart, my muscles and joints are relaxed. 

I push drama out of my life. I refuse to allow negativity to take over my spirit. I remove people from my circle of friends who start drama. I let go of my anger and pain, so peace can take their place. 

Today, I enclose my world in calmness. I remove noise and anger. I take out pain and suffering. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I stay calm when I am surrounded by negative people or difficult things?
2. What can I do to relax during the day and at night?
3. How can I welcome more peace into my life while eliminating the drama?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and see what comes to your mind for the next few minutes while you listen to the splashing waves beneath the studio. Don't fight or judge, just listen. Watch for the nuggets of wisdom that come your way.

Move Well, Stay Healthy, Be Happy, Live Today With Passion

We'll talk to you soon!

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