Real People Fit

Playful Relaxation

January 10, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs Season 2022 Episode 569
Real People Fit
Playful Relaxation
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Tons of ways to relax and reset. Give this one a try!

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Maybe the theme of this week's gonna be relaxation. 

Here's another relaxation suggestion. Maybe you're working along, maybe you're getting a little kerfuffle. Maybe you've been really busy. I don't know. Find yourself a puppy and just get down the floor with that puppy and play.

You're accomplishing multiple things. Not only are you taking that little r and r, that little break that you need. But you're also kind of enriching your soul with this, with this puppy, with this moving meditation. Moving meditation. Are you a moving meditation? Yep. I think you are.

Now what it is. It's rest. It's relaxation. And sometimes it helps you disconnect. 

So if you got a puppy, do this. If you got a kitty, do this. Maybe if that doesn't work, get yourself a stuffed animal or maybe a pillow like the one behind me here. You can grab your pillow and you give it a nice little hug and just get down on the floor. 

So not only does it give you that little break and there's relaxation, but it also helps you practice getting up and down off the floor because let's face it as we age one of the biggest things we have to do is figure out how to get up and down off the floor. 

That's today's message, continuing this week with rest and relaxation. Maybe tomorrow it will be, or maybe it won't be... all depends on what, what strikes me in the brain. 

I think rest and relaxation is so important though that I'm gonna continue on for maybe a day or two more.

So that's it. So take a deep breath, grab yourself some rest and relaxation and enjoy. 

Talk to you tomorrow.