Fit, Healthy, Happy

Take Time to Rest and Reset

January 09, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs Season 2022 Episode 568
Fit, Healthy, Happy
Take Time to Rest and Reset
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Look for periods during your work day where you can grab a little time for R and R. I guarantee you that you'll actually get more done with those little breaks!

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How you doing? Hey, I wanted to come to you and talk a little bit about r and r. Now I've been working really hard today. I started early this morning with classes in Astoria, and then I did some stretches and I've been recording things, and now it's time for little r and r. 

So I'm here in my rocking chair and I'm gonna do some reading. I'm gonna do some tapping. 

It's so important that every day, even when you're not hurting... now, a couple weeks ago, I took some extra time... because I'd hurt my back, but right now have no issues. That's pretty well resolved. 

The anxiety's pretty well gone... so I'm gonna do some tapping. I think I'm just gonna do a tapping meditation, a breath meditation. I'm gonna breathe. I'm gonna take about a half hour and just chill. Just let my brain reset and then I'll look at my work schedule and see what else I've got to do. 

My recommendation for you today is find time to take for yourself. As you can see, I'm in a rocking chair. It just feels so good. The kids are sitting down at my feet, my littles, the littles, the puppies, if you've not met them.

So I just wanted to make that today's podcast. It's highly encouraging you throughout the day, throughout your day, find that time for yourself where you can meditate, you can read, you can tap... anything to enrich yourself, to give yourself some relaxation and a reset. 

That's today's message. May you move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live today and every day inspired.

Talk to you next time.