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Build Yourself An Arsenal!

January 04, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs Season 2022 Episode 564
Ageless Vitality - Move Well, Stay Healthy
Build Yourself An Arsenal!
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Build it large and strong... be prepared to fix any issue you have pop up by building an arsenal with a variety of tools and techniques!

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Having an arsenal of tools is so important. 

You know, you might think you've got one or two things for resolving a lower back issue. As many of you know, I recently tweaked my back and surprisingly some of the things that are my go-to... being stretched and putting heat on it were not as effective as they had been.

So fortunately we've got this vast assortment of tools that I've put together for resolving my lower back issues. I've got long-held sequences, squeezing your knees into a bolster. I've got different things like hanging in a doorway doing child's flow to Cobra back and forth, those lumbar extensions and lumbar contractions.

So I've got all these different tools. This time there were two tools that worked the best for me. One was a three move sequence of my Qigong. It's a door of life... knocking on the door of life, our spinal opening and wagging your tail. I think those of you that come to my classes are familiar with all three of those.

That motion combined with hanging in the doorway actually is resolving my lower back pain. It's had more effect this time than anything else, and I'm still doing the other things, but I noticed the things I get the most relief from are those two. So thank heavens I've got this wide... you might see a, a large quiver of arrows ready to shoot into my problems and fix them. 

In this case, it was two little used ones that I found were my success. 

So build your arsenal, find things that make sense to you that work for resolving whatever your issues are. 

I use lower back pain because that's probably my major issue. That's the one that every so often will make me miss a day or two of classes. So I have a shoulder, I have some feet issues, I have some ankle and knees, but those I control pretty well just through exercise and stretching. The lower back sometimes will flare up. I have some issues in my lower spine that apparently I was born with, that create these problems, and so it's something I've learned to build strength around and work ... But every so often I'll do something absolutely stupid and make it flare. 

Then it's time to dig deep into my quiver of tools and my arsenal. I like to think of an arsenal. This is like when you're going to war, because I'm going to war against that pain. I do not want that pain. 

So develop your arsenal. We've got a lot of stuff in RiversZen, especially if you're a member. Go in there and dig around. We've got a lot of stuff we're adding more all the time to help you build your arsenal. That's why we have so many different protocols. That's why if you type in low back in our search, you're gonna see probably 10 or 15 different sequences specifically designed for lower back.

Because some will work sometimes, some will work other times, some will work for some people, some work for others. There's a lot of issues going on.

So that's the message for today. Build that arsenal, build it strong so that when you need that, that that Gatling gun, you can open the door, pull it out, and just blast away your pain! 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy, live with passion. I will be talking to you very soon.