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It's 2023, Let's Make This Year Amazing

January 01, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs Season 2022 Episode 561
Ageless Vitality - Move Well, Stay Healthy
It's 2023, Let's Make This Year Amazing
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Happy New Year! Let's put a plan together for 2023...

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That's a wrap for 2022. Where the heck did that go? Crazy year, huh? We had a lot of stuff going on and we're slowly coming out of the pandemic, out of the lockdowns and such. Whether you agree with them or not, doesn't matter. We're coming out of it. Things are normalizing and I think it's time to just reflect a little bit, reflect on how fortunate we are, maybe some gratitude as we start 2023 and even setting some goals for 2023.

So I'm gonna recommend that you take the day, you breathe deeply, you spend a little time in contemplation, decide what you want to do for 2023. Don't make it unrealistic. 

Make it something that you can do. Make small decisions every day to improve yourself. Make an improvement every day, a small improvement.

Maybe one of the best goals would be I'm gonna do something, one thing every single day over the next 365 days to make my life better.

Do you realize what the impact of that would be if you actually did that every morning? 

You got up and said, okay, today I'm going to do a class. 

Today, I'm going to breathe for 10 minutes. 

Today, I'm going to meditate... and every single day you did something to enrich your body, to enrich your mind, to enrich yourself. Oh my God, you're going to change your life. 

In fact, that is my goal for 2023. Every single day I'm gonna get up. I'm gonna decide to do one thing that makes my life better.

If you're in on this, let me know.

Let me know and we will start holding accountability sessions if you'd like and help you to achieve this goal. To hold your feet to the fire. Sometimes that's what we need. We just need a reminder and I will be reminding you throughout our podcasts, to do one thing every day. What did you do today? And if you haven't yet and you're still up, go do it. Do something. Go do a 10 minute class, go breathe deeply. Go watch a podcast. Randomly pick 10 of our podcasts... these are two to five minutes... pick 10. Go in there, listen to 'em, and let them enrich your life and take action on what you listen to... don't just listen. Don't just listen. Take action and add these things to your life. 

Wishing you an amazing 2023 from Kim, Peggy and myself. We hope you have the most amazing year ever. We look forward to talking to you every day. Look forward to seeing you in studio, seeing you online, and let all grow older, stronger, and better together.

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