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This Really Works

August 15, 2022 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs Season 2022 Episode 419
Real People Fit
This Really Works
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Ok, 6 months in and I've discovered a powerful practice that helps me sleep through the night, removes my angst and allows me to be more peaceful!

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This really works.

As you may or may not know, everything I recommend to you I test out extensively myself before I heavily recommend something. As I always say, not everything works for everybody.

I think this is one, if you would just take a deep breath and give it a try you might find it works because that's exactly what I did. 

I'm talking about tapping meditations.

I've been doing tapping meditations for about six months now and right off the bat, there was something about it that just felt right. 

I've always struggled with meditation. I've got a monkey mind... when you start meditating it's so easy to drift off into... right back to your angst, right back to everything that worries you, right back to every little thing in your life that may or may not be going right. Quieting the mind seemed like something that was just not doable for me. 

Well, I tried tapping, I was introduced tapping like 20 years ago and I kind of did it on and off and almost just like, okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. 

But I decided to incorporate a daily practice into my life at least six months ago, as we're pushing six, seven months now.

Every day I've done at least one tapping meditation... sometimes multiple during the day. After a month or two, I realized this was having more success for me then the year of therapy I did five or six years ago. 

That helped, that helped, that dug into some past issues that I knew I had, that I needed to resolve. And that helped. 

I am not anti-therapy at all. I love therapists and a good one that can lead you into your own discoveries rather than... I learned quickly that my therapist... she was amazing. She wouldn't tell... I wanted her to tell me what to do and she wouldn't, and she just kept asking questions. 

But this is about tapping meditation. It's not about therapy. 

I started tapping and I started having more peace in my life. I started having more relaxation. I was able to take angst and turn that around into peace. I'm able to let some of my worries, some of my stresses... most of them false, you know, let's face it. Most of our anxiety and stress is false. It's not gonna happen. What do they say? 90, 90... high 90 percentages never come true. The things you worry about. 

So it's helped me with that, but you know, what really drove at home was last night. 

I was having one of those nights and God knows why... I mean, I was anxious. I was worried. I'd had I'd had a lot of people... I'd actually done my classes. I had gone to two different events with lots of people, lots of visiting. 

Sometimes that's tough for me. You might think I'm a social animal, but in a lot of ways, I'm very much an introvert. 

I was having a terrible time... and I also had really pushed myself in classes that day.

I was sore. I was hurting and I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 11. Oh my God. Every point I touched the bed. Everything. Every way I moved was painful and I knew I was in for a really tough night 

when I've had this in the past I would turn to a little THC. I would use some gummies. I would use some drops, some tincture, um, and a little bit of marijuana and it would help calm me down. 

I really kind of, I, I, I hate drugs. I mean, I know it's a natural drug, but I still, anything that alters and changes my feelings and changes my physicality and makes me wake up a little groggy.

I'm really not for, I like to be clear minded. I like to feel good on my own volition.

I didn't want to get up and do a little tincture. What I did, I forced myself to tap. And let me tell you, when I say forced, I mean, I forced myself to tap and I did it. It was even hard to lift my, my fingers up to my eyebrow to tap.

As I went through this guided tapping meditation on sleeping through the night. I did that and I didn't believe it was gonna work... after six months. I said, okay, this is just, this is desperation. You're gonna lay here an hour and you're going to end up going in and getting some tincture and medicating yourself basically.

Next thing I knew I woke up and it was morning and I was like, oh my God, this stuff actually works. It was a pleasant surprise, a pleasant surprise, but you can see how mistrusting I am when I'm testing. Since I've tested so many things with so much hype that do not work.

This little tapping meditation, where you tap on nine Meridian points and they're supposed to help you first release anxiety, release whatever issue you're dealing with and then you put positivity behind that. You reprogram your mind to the positive, to what you want.

I have to tell you this works and I would highly recommend you give it a try. 

Meditation is so powerful. Being able to get outta that monkey mind, get outta that angst, get out that worry, get out that fretting and just enjoy your life is so powerful.

I'm always testing things. I am always always testing things that I can share with other people. I'm very hesitant to share things until I know they work. Like resistance stretching. I did that for five years before we shared it with anybody and it changed my life as many of, you know, that's, that's a totally nother podcast... I know this is a little longer than my usual podcast, but I wanted to let you know you can, as a RiversZen member, or if you're not a member yet, we have some very inexpensive ways to join and access this stuff. But every Wednesday I release new tapping meditation. I try to cover different subjects that have a lot, lot of validity for people. Every Saturday I release positive affirmations... and I actually tap while I'm doing the positive affirmations myself. Every Sunday I do a short reflective meditation. 

Now those are available to members. They're, they're very powerful. They work very well. And there are lots of other places on the web. If my voice, if my... the way I deliver doesn't work for you. I am working on improving that. I think my meditation, especially my Sunday meditations are a little fast. I'm gonna try to slow them down. I did today. This is a Sunday I did today's this morning. It was a little fast for me even. So I'm gonna work on that. I improve, but there's lots there. You can get, you can always most programs when you're playing these things, you can slow it. Now it will make my voice sound like that, but that's not the point.

The point is for you to focus on your positive affirmations, your reflections, what's going to help your life. Like I said, this was a longer podcast I'm gonna wrap up right now. But I just want you to know how powerful this is. I wanna drive this point home. I wanna let you know it's there for you.

They're tapping meditations all over the place. If you, if you like what we deliver and you enjoy it, join become a member. Give us feedback, let us know what you're enjoying. Let us know what you don't enjoy. Well, we kerfuffel a little bit when you let us know what you don't enjoy, but, you know, I always breathe deeply, sometimes I even tap on it. I breathe deeply and I say, okay, this is a valid point. Maybe sometimes it's a valid point for that person. Or maybe it's something I need to change and incorporate into our practices. 

So that's enough for today. I highly encourage you try out tapping meditations.

If you're not a member and you'd like to experience our Wednesday tapping meditations, let me know. And I will give you a free month. How's that? Of accessing our meditative practices, our Wednesday tapping meditations, our Saturday affirmations and our Sunday reflection meditations. 

So that's. Until I talk to you again, may you move well, may you stay healthy, may you be happy. May you get out of your head and enjoy your life every single day. Thank you so much for listening.