Ageless Vitality - Move Well, Stay Healthy

One more: I Agree, You Are Weak

July 27, 2022 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs Season 2022 Episode 397
Ageless Vitality - Move Well, Stay Healthy
One more: I Agree, You Are Weak
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I'm enjoying this week's theme so much I decided to keep going.  You little weakling you!

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You are indeed weak.

It's Wednesday. So I thought we'd talk about Wednesday weakness. You're weak. You can't resist that candy bar. You can't stop eating things that make your blood sugar blow up. You don't have what it takes because you are different. Your body is so much more reactive than anybody else's.

Oh, heavens. Don't worry about what you eat because you are doomed. You are sentenced to live this life of sedentary lumpiness and... sedentary lumpiness. I like that. Sedentary lumpiness. That's what you have to live because you are different than anybody else. You don't have the willpower. 

If we just embrace that and say, yeah, yeah, that's exactly right, I think I will just live this sucky life...

or maybe is it possible? 

No, it's not possible. 

I can't resist that sugar. I can't resist that alcohol. I can't resist any of this stuff. 

I have to be lumpy my whole life. 

Well, I guess that's a choice we all make...

or maybe there is a way out? 

Maybe you can... 

maybe you can surprise yourself.

So that's my three days of you are not enough. Tomorrow on Thursday, let's get more positive. Let's get more upbeat. 

But until then, just remember you suck. You're not enough. 

Okay. Seriously. Seriously. Get your head wrapped around a positive direction. 

Don't believe that you suck. 

Don't believe that you're not enough.

Don't believe that you're a failure. 

And I'm gonna go back to my preaching because you are not, you have everything it takes to thrive. You just gotta choose to do it and stop listening to those voices in your head. 

I'm so I'm so tempted. I was listening this morning... I'm always listening to different people's meditations and just sucking in their perspective... this morning, I listened to an F-bomb meditation and I'm so tempted to do one because the gentleman just went into, you know, it sounded like a regular meditation, except when the monkey mind would show up, he'd tell it to F off and, and maybe some realism occasionally, as opposed to all of the woo woo stuff is, is really ki... i, I know he recorded it as a as a joke, but as it turns out, I kind of enjoyed it when I did it. 

So with that little aside know that you're good enough. Know that your life is worthy, know that you have what it takes. Know you can be exactly the person you want to be.

Until I talk to you tomorrow. Move well, stay healthy, be happy, live every day with passion.