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So What?

May 17, 2022 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs Season 2022 Episode 300
RiversZen's Real People Fit
So What?
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I thought, well, if it doesn't work... so what!  I tried it anyways...

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The power of so what.

I had a revelation recently, and it's something I've kind of realized for years. I have this music I listen to when I drive around and it's kind of background music, but it's called frequency music. It's sent out a different frequencies that can facilitate healing or energy or whatever.

I thought it was very interesting so I went into the comments section on Spotify to see what people had to say about it. 

Oh, my God, people with long diatribes on how there's no way you can deliver over the internet the proper frequency and that it just doesn't work anyways. I mean, they went into detailed explanation of why it doesn't work.

Well. I listened, I read quite a few of these. I was really surprised that the amount of effort people put into debunking it. 

Then I thought, well, if it doesn't work... so what! 

I tried it anyways. 

Driving around with this music playing gives me so much more appreciation for where we live... for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Everywhere you look, it's pure magesty. 

Then I started getting some energy and I started thinking differently as opposed to listening to news and even popular music and popular radio. 

I discovered the power of... so what... I've kind of been this way for years. I'm kind of a, tell me what to do and I'll do it kind of guy.

You tell me how to do an exercise. I'm not really that worried about the intricacy of why and how it works. I want a general overview, I will try it and see if it works for me, just like this music. 

Okay intellectually, maybe the frequency music makes no sense at all, but you know what?

It works for me. 

That reminds me of my buddy Allen. He did tapping, I told you about this in earlier podcast, I would say, Alan, this is hooey. He would say... so what?

Allen knew the power of... so what... years before me. 

I'm going to challenge you... when somebody tells you something doesn't work, that you already know works for you, or that you haven't tried yet say, so what, I'm going to try it.

Pick one thing and do it.

Move well. Stay healthy. Be happy. Live with passion. 

Talk to you very, very soon. 

So what!