Real People Fit

The Power of Your Smile

March 20, 2023 Dave and Peggy Stevens, Kim Gibbs
Real People Fit
The Power of Your Smile
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Are there physical and emotional benefits to smiling? Listen to find out!

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Your smile is more powerful than you think.

When we smile the movement of our facial muscles actually triggers a reaction in the body that can have a positive effect on how we feel. 

Studies show that smiling can help to stimulate reward centers in the brain, release mood enhancing neuro-transmitters and promote stress recovery. 

Researchers know that smiling generates positive emotions and encourages positive feelings. 

When we smile, even if we force it and it's a fake smile. It can actually trick the brain into feeling happier as the author of one of the studies explains when your muscles say you're happy, you're more likely to see the world around you in a positive way. 

So right now, right here, whatever you're doing, just put a big smile on your face. It kind of feels ridiculous. Right? But it kind of feels good too. Allow yourself to smile big, this smile isn't for anyone else except yourself. And notice how you begin to feel. 

If we know smiles are powerful. Then hopefully we allow ourselves to smile more. 

Whether it's giving someone a smile in the morning when we're saying good morning. Or simply listening along to someone tell us a story and smiling at their joy. 

There is power in smiles. 

So don't hold back and let yourself really smile today.